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Trauma Support Specialist &  Life Coach 

Through Resilence We Heal and Thrive


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Revive Hope Podcast


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Embark on a transformative journey with us as we explore the profound and courageous stories of individuals who have faced and triumphed over trauma challenges.

This podcast delves deep into the healing process, highlighting the strength, resilience, and wisdom that emerges beyond the scars.

Join Chantay Miller, your compassionate guide, as we engage in honest and empowering conversations. Together, we navigate the complexities of trauma healing, offering insights, tools, and shared experiences to inspire your own path toward renewal.

  • Transform Trauma into Triumph begins with a Discovery Call.

One of the greatest things I experienced, through being coached by Chantay Miller, is her ability in helping me see my condition or situation from a different perspective.  A poor perspective changed my view of my life in a negative way.  She was skilled in taking me by the hand to locate the buried trauma deep within, while showing me where it shows up in my life now.  The encouragement she gave strengthened me. It helped me to disassociate myself from the trauma as my personal identity and allowed me to see it as an experience only.  The condemning thoughts began to leave.  Instead of seeing myself weak and struggling in certain areas, she helped me see that it was something that was good and necessary for my life.  I can see clearly now.

C. McJimpson

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